The sociology of consumption has concentrated unduly on the more spectacular and visual aspects of contemporary consumer behaviour, thereby constructing an unbalanced and misleading view. This collection emphasises ordinary rather than extraordinary items, routine and repetitive behaviour rather than conscious decision-making. It studies practical contexts of use rather than decisions to purchase and analyses collective identification rather than personal identity. Each essay argues one or more of these points, for the most part using new empirical material from several different national contexts.
The topics analysed include shopping in Taiwan, second-home ownership in France, environmental considerations concerning food choice in Denmark, the take up of new domestic technologies in Finland and kitchen design in England. Key concepts like tradition, routine and habit are clarified and new conceptual distinctions are made, with the book defending theoretical approaches deriving from Simmel, Weber, Durkheim and Bourdieu.
Ordinary Consumption promotes a distinctive approach to the understanding of the central practices of consumer society, it is a book with a controversial message, one which will be a source of debate about the appropriate agenda for future research.

chapter |8 pages


ByJukka Gronow, Alan Warde

chapter |15 pages

Sociology, Consumption and Routine

ByKaj Ilmonen

chapter |14 pages

Ordinary Consumption and Extraordinary Relationships

Utilities and their Users
ByElizabeth Shove, Heather Chappells

chapter |15 pages

Working at Consumption

The Second Home and Daily Life
ByDavina Chaplin

chapter |17 pages

Extra-Ordinary and Ordinary Consumption

Making Sense of Acquisition in Modern Taiwan
ByShou-Cheng Lai

chapter |14 pages

Tamed Hedonism

Choice, Desires and Deviant Pleasures
ByRoberta Sassatelli

chapter |17 pages

Mobile Communication as a Way of Urban Life

ByPasi Mäenpää

chapter |17 pages

Ordinary Consumption and Personal Identity

Radio and the Middle Classes in the North West of England
ByBrian Longhurst, Gaynor Bagnall, Mike Savage

chapter |15 pages

By Car

Carrying Modern Society
ByTim Dant, Peter J. Martin

chapter |19 pages

The Role of States in the Creation of Consumption Norms

ByTerhi-Anna Wilska

chapter |20 pages

Smart Life, Version 3.0 Representations of Everyday Life in Future Studies

ByKatja Oksanen-Särelä, Mika Pantzar

chapter |13 pages


Conventional Consumption
ByJukka Gronow, Alan Warde