Made in Japan serves as a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the history, sociology, and musicology of contemporary Japanese popular music. Each essay, written by a leading scholar of Japanese music, covers the major figures, styles, and social contexts of pop music in Japan and provides adequate context so readers understand why the figure or genre under discussion is of lasting significance. The book first presents a general description of the history and background of popular music, followed by essays organized into thematic sections: Putting Japanese Popular Music in Perspective; Rockin’ Japan; and Japanese Popular Music and Visual Arts.

chapter |20 pages


Embracing the West and Creating a Blend
ByTōru Mitsui

part I|79 pages

Putting Japanese Popular Music in Perspective

chapter 1|14 pages

The Takarazuka Revue

Its Star System and Fans' Support
ByNaomi Miyamoto

chapter 2|15 pages

“The Infinite Power of Song”

Uniting Japan at the 60th Annual Kōhaku Song Contest
ByShelley D. Brunt

chapter 3|19 pages

The Culture of Popular Music in Occupied Japan

ByMamoru Tōya

chapter 4|13 pages

The Birth of Enka

ByYūsuke Wajima

chapter 5|16 pages

Songs in Triple Time are Still Sung in Duple Time

ByTōru Mitsui

part II|55 pages

Rockin' Japan

chapter 6|17 pages

From Covers to Originals: “Rockabilly” in 1956–1963

ByTerumasa Shimizu

chapter 7|19 pages

The Development of Japanese Rock

A Bourdieuan Analysis
ByKatsuya Minamida

chapter 8|17 pages

A History of Japanese Rock Festivals and Live Music Venues

ByJun’ichi Nagai

part III|51 pages

Japanese Popular Music and Visual Arts

chapter 9|15 pages

Tōru Takemitsu's Seigenki (Time within Memory)

An Anti-Experimental, Tonal Film Score
ByKyōko Koizumi

chapter 10|17 pages

The Interaction between Music and Visuals in Animated Movies

A Case Study of Akira
ByHideko Haguchi

chapter 11|17 pages

The Emergence of Singing Voice Actors/Actresses

The Crossover Point of the Music Industry and the Animation Industry
ByAki Yamasaki

part IV|15 pages

Coda: Japanese Music Reception

chapter 12|13 pages

J-Pop Goes the World

A New Global Fandom in the Age of Digital Media
ByYoshitaka Mōri

part V|9 pages