Regional Innovation Strategies
offers the first comprehensive analysis of the new wave of innovation-oriented regional policies. It draws conclusions from the European Regional Technology Plans and Regional Innovation Strategies, both in old industrialised areas and in regions where development is slow, and compares this with US and Canadian experiences.
Anticipating the enlargement of the EU, Regional Innovation Strategies also assesses the growing interest in the subject within policy, academic and practitioner circles in Central and Eastern European countries. This book aims to provide information on the new regional innovation polices and gives the first assessment of this promising pool of regional experiences.

chapter |17 pages

A Regional Perspective on Innovation: From Theory to Strategy

ByKevin Morgan, Claire Nauwelaers

chapter |21 pages

Developing Regional Innovation Strategies: The European Commission as Animateur

ByMikel Landabaso, Alasdair Reid

chapter |17 pages

Towards a Knowledge-Intensive Regional Economy: The RTP Process in Limburg

ByJan Cobbenhagen, Jean Severijns

chapter |21 pages

Creating a Regional Innovation Policy in Lorraine

ByClaire Nauwelaers

chapter |16 pages

Learning Through Strategy-Making: The RTP in Wales

ByDylan Henderson, Meirion Thomas

chapter |22 pages

The Innovative-Region Strategy: Lessons from the Central Macedonia Regional Technology Plan

ByGregoris Kafkalas, Nicos Komninos

chapter |18 pages

Regional Innovation Strategies: The Key Challenge for Castilla y León as One of Europe's Less-Favoured Regions

ByJaime Del Castillo, Belén Barroeta, Itziar Urizar

chapter |14 pages

The New Wave of Innovation-Oriented Regional Policies: Retrospect and Prospects

ByClaire Nauwelaers, Kevin Morgan