Due to its centrality to the processes of transnational mobilities, migration and globalization, tourism studies has the potential to make a significant contribution to understanding the postcolonial experience. Drawing together theoretical and applied research, this fascinating book illuminates the links between tourism, colonialism and postcolonialism. Significantly, it creates a space for the voices of authors from postcolonial countries.

Chapters are integrated and examined through concepts taken from the wider postcolonial literature, which identify tourism not only as an international industry but also as a postcolonial cultural form, which by its very nature is based on past and present day colonial structural relationships.

The first book to explicitly explore the contribution tourism can make to the postcolonial experience, this book is an essential read for students of tourism, cultural studies and geography.

chapter |18 pages

Keith Hollinshead

Worldmaking and the enunciative value of tourism

chapter |14 pages

Beverley Ann Simmons

A contemporary travel discourse and the popular magazine text

chapter |19 pages

postcolonial environments

Negotiating histories, ethnicities and authenticities in St Vincent,

chapter |19 pages


Popular European imagery in postcolonial tourism in southern Africa

chapter |18 pages

Sabine Marschall

Post-apartheid monuments and cultural tourism in South Africa

chapter |13 pages

and external control of Africa’s tourism industry

A case study of wildlife safari tourism in Kenya