A real revolution is taking place in the way in which we conceptualise and practise education and learning. This book sets out to explore the immense impact which digital technology is having on education around the world and the ways in which it is used by a wide range of individuals and communities.
Contributors analyse changes in technology such as e-mail, the Internet, digital video and other media, but also the effect of this new technology on the way people live and learn around the world.
Cultural changes taking place range from the blurring of boundaries between formal and informal learning to the development of new 'virtual communities' which revolve around particular social or cultural interests, and which serve as a crucial tool and source of identity for spatially displaced communities such as refugees.
Digital technology is changing the way we all live, and this book is an authoritative study of these changes in all their diversity.

chapter |12 pages


part I|99 pages

Digital transformations

chapter 4|17 pages

Children's concepts of ICT

Pointers to the impact of ICT on education within and beyond the classroom

chapter 5|21 pages

(Dis)possessing literacy and literature

Gourmandizing in Gibsonbarlowville

part II|63 pages

Learners and teachers

part III|71 pages

Intercultural interactions

part IV|62 pages

Building communities

chapter 16|13 pages

A cross-cultural cadence in E

Knowledge building with networked communities across disciplines and cultures

chapter 18|12 pages

Informatics teacher training in Hungary

Building community and capacity with tele-houses

chapter 20|13 pages

A systemic approach to educational renewal with new technologies

Empowering learning communities in Chile