Systematic support for improving education and learning in further and higher education, has moved to centre stage in recent years. This is reflected in the increasing membership of professional bodies. Most new staff are encouraged to engage in staff development programmes, but receive little training to do so. This book has been written to meet this need: it is a practical handbook that introduces the key issues in staff and educational development, ideal for any education professional in the early years of their career at further or higher education level.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

What is staff and educational development?

ByLorraine Stefani

chapter 2|13 pages

Carrying out a needs analysis: from intuition to rigour

ByGina Wisker

chapter 3|17 pages

Planning and running events

ByDiana Kelly

chapter 4|13 pages

Consultancy in educational development

ByLiz Shrives, Chris Bond

chapter 5|16 pages

Monitoring and evaluating staff and educational development

ByDavid Baume

chapter 6|16 pages

Disseminating educational developments

ByHelen King

chapter 7|9 pages

Educational development through information and communications technology

ByStephen Fallows, Rakesh Bhanot

chapter 8|12 pages

Working on educational development projects

ByRachel Segal

chapter 9|14 pages

Development in the disciplines

ByCaroline Baillie

chapter 10|10 pages

Working creatively with national agendas

ByDiana Eastcott, Neill Thew

chapter 11|18 pages

Being an agent of change

ByVal Roche

chapter 12|17 pages

Learning from experience

ByJohn Cowan