First Published in 2004. Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Pamela O’Malley have brought together a collection of the best recently published and specially commissioned articles that chart the rapid and extensive process of education reform in Spain since 1970. The articles cover in detail all the key measures of reform and the relevant changes in legislation and government policy since the 1970 Ley General de Educación. They also set these changes within their historical context. The book shows that the process of reform in Spain has been characterized by both idealism and conflict and has been notable for its sheer pace. Topics covered include democratization and decentralization, curriculum reform, vocational and technical education, and the leading partners in education such as the Ministry of Education and Science, teacher unions and governors. This book is a significant contribution to the study of worldwide processes of education reform and will be of interest to comparative educationists, those who have a professional interest in education in Spain, and also anyone with a more general interest in modern Spain.

chapter |5 pages


chapter 1|19 pages

Structural change and curriculum reform in democratic Spain

ByOliver Boyd-Barrett

chapter 2|7 pages

Turning point: the 1970 Education Act

ByPamela O’Malley

chapter 3|9 pages

Education as resistance: the ‘Alternativa’

ByPamela O’Malley

chapter 4|12 pages

The pre-history of educational reform in Spain*

ByJosé María Maravall

chapter 5|12 pages

Preamble to LOGSE*

ByMinisterio de Educación y Ciencia, 1990

chapter 6|14 pages

Educational reform in Spain and in the UK: a comparative perspective

ByOliver Boyd-Barrett

chapter 7|15 pages

Problems of implementation in Spanish educational reform*

ByJavier Doz Orrit

chapter 8|8 pages

Finding the evidence*

ByMark Blaug, Francisco Bosch, Javier Díaz

chapter 9|11 pages

Education in the State of Autonomous Communities*

ByJoan Carlos Gallego Herrerz

chapter 10|13 pages

The process of pedagogic reform*

ByJosé Jimeno Sacristán

chapter 11|14 pages

The value of diversity and the diversity of value*

ByMariano Fernández Enguita

chapter 12|13 pages

The place of evaluation in educational reform*

ByAngel Chico Bias

chapter 13|12 pages

The Spanish Inspectorate in search of a modern model of inspection*

ByVicente Alvarez Areces, Arturo Pérez Collera

chapter 14|13 pages

Professionalism, unionism and educational reform*

ByAntonio Guerrero

chapter 15|10 pages

The teachers’ centres*

BySara Morgenstern de Finkel

chapter 16|16 pages

Church, State and educational reform*

ByJuan José Sanchéz de Horcajo

chapter 17|22 pages

Education and the languages of Spain

ByOliver Boyd-Barrett

chapter 18|9 pages

Vocational education in LOGSE: a new model for the future?*

ByDiego M. Justicia

chapter 19|11 pages

Training and employment*

ByAntonio José Gil Padilla

chapter 20|10 pages

University reform

ByOliver Boyd-Barrett