Computational design has become widely accepted into mainstream architecture, but this is the first book to advocate applying it to create adaptable masterplans for rapid urban growth, urban heterogeneity, through computational urbanism. Practitioners and researchers here discuss ideas from the fields of architecture, urbanism, the natural sciences, computer science, economics, and mathematics to find solutions for managing urban change in Asia and developing countries throughout the world. Divided into four parts (historical and theoretical background, our current situation, methodologies, and prototypical practices), the book includes a series of essays, interviews, built case studies, and original research to accompany chapters written by editor Tom Verebes to give you the most comprehensive overview of this approach.

Essays by Marina Lathouri, Jorge Fiori, Jonathan Solomon, Patrik Schumacher, Peter Trummer, and David Jason Gerber.

Interviews with Dana Cuff, Xu Wei Guo, Matthew Prior, Tom Barker, Su Yunsheng, and Brett Steele.

Built case studies by Zaha Hadid Architects, James Corner Field Operations, XWG Studio, MAD, OCEAN Consultancy Network, Plasma Studio, Groundlab, Peter Trummer, Serie Architects, dotA, and Rocker-Lange Architects.

chapter |4 pages


part I|80 pages


chapter 2|3 pages

Projective Architectures

The Question of Borders in a Connected World

chapter 3|5 pages

Conversation 1

Dana Cuff (DC) With Tom Verebes (TV)

chapter 4|12 pages

The New New

chapter 5|8 pages

Informal City

Design As Political Engagement 1

chapter 6|6 pages

Conversation 2

Xu Weiguo (Xwg), Xu Feng (XF) and Gao Yan (Gy)

chapter 7|14 pages

Urbanization and Erasure

chapter 8|7 pages


Atmospheres and Adaptable Space in Hong Kong

chapter 9|10 pages

Conversation 3

Matthew Pryor (MP) with Tom Verebes (TV)

part II|54 pages


chapter 11|5 pages

Free-Market Urbanism

Urbanism beyond Planning

chapter 12|16 pages

Conversation 4

Tom Barker (TB) and Tom Verebes (TV)

part III|81 pages


chapter 14|15 pages

Morphogenetic Urbanism

Toward a Materialist Approach to Masterplanning

chapter 15|18 pages

Computational Urbanism

chapter 16|7 pages

Parametric Urbanism Redux

Urban Design and Complexity in an Age of Infinite Computing

chapter 17|27 pages

Conversation 5

Su Yunsheng (Sys) with Tom Verebes (TM)

part IV|54 pages


chapter 19|7 pages

Conversation 6

Brett Steele (BS) With Tom Verebes (TV)

chapter IV|2 pages