This wide ranging sourcebook draws together a range of recent and specially commissioned pieces which examine how policy development and research findings have influenced planning and assessing learning for young children. Topics covered include standards, quality control, league tables, teacher and performance assessment. It also looks at the enabling of learning, focusing on authentic activity and learning, implicit values, the role of learner choice and classroom management.
The book also raises which will effect assessing and planning learning into the next century, and sets an agenda for reform and development including teacher training, funding of primary education, early years education and entitlement in primary school.

chapter |6 pages


ByAnna Craft

chapter 1|11 pages

Standards and quality in education

ByRichard Pring

chapter 2|13 pages

Quality control in education and schools

ByPeter Mortimore

chapter 3|4 pages

The non-league table method

ByIan Birnbaum

chapter 4|31 pages

Performance assessment in perspective

International trends and current English experience
ByPatricia Broadfoot

chapter 5|8 pages

Spanish policy and practice—assessing learning the constructivist way

ByAlejandro Tiana Ferrer

chapter 6|29 pages

Teachers’ own assessments

ByBet McCallum, Caroline Gipps, Shelley McAlister, Margaret Brown

chapter 7|10 pages

Authentic activity and learning

ByElizabeth Clayden, Charles Desforges, Colin Mills, William Rawson

chapter 8|25 pages

Learning as a ‘hot’ process

ByPaul R. Pintrich, Ronald W. Marx, Robert A. Boyle

chapter 9|5 pages

Learning as the social construction of meaning

Its implications for assessing and planning learning
ByCesar Coll, Elena Martín

chapter 10|13 pages

What school is really for

Revisiting values
ByPhilip Gammage

chapter 11|9 pages

Observing children choosing

ByKurt Czerwenka

chapter 12|14 pages

Classroom practice in England and France

ByPatricia Broadfoot and Marilyn Osborn, with Michel Gilly and Arlette Bucher

part |2 pages

Part III Policy development in assessing and planning learning

chapter 13|6 pages

Discussion points for primary schools

ByAnna Craft

chapter 14|14 pages

International developments in assessment

ByKeith Morrison

chapter 15|26 pages

Authentic testing in mathematics

ByBarry Cooper

chapter 16|8 pages

The challenge of the 1990s

ByAndrew Pollard

chapter 17|26 pages

The third revolution?

ByRobin Alexander

chapter 4|9 pages

Four-year-olds in school

Cause for concern
ByJenefer Joseph

chapter 19|6 pages

Managing access and entitlement in primary education

ByBarbara MacGilchrist