The Ancient Economy introduces readers to the nature of economic life in the ancient world, and provides a valuable guide to scholarly debates on the subject. The book describes and examines the economic processes and fluctuations of the ancient world, and shows how these relate to political and social change and conditions. Leading experts address the central issues, from agricultural production to the uses of money and the creation of markets. Taken as a whole the book exemplifies the range of interdisciplinary perspectives on the ancient economy, and illustrates the methodological approaches scholars have deployed to understand it. In doing so it draws on literary, ecological and archaeological evidence.

chapter |8 pages


ByWalter Scheidel, Sitta von Reden

part Part I|41 pages

After Finley

chapter 1|22 pages

The Economy (Economies) of Ancient Greece

ByPaul Cartledge

part IV|60 pages

Trade and Transfer

chapter 9|17 pages

Agricultural Products Transported in Amphorae: Oil and Wine†

ByClementina Panella, André Tchernia

chapter 10|41 pages

Rome, Taxes, Rents and Trade†

ByKeith Hopkins

part Part IV|39 pages

The Nature of the Ancient Economy

chapter 11|18 pages

Modernism, Economics and the Ancient Economy†

ByScott Meikle