The continuing development of the European Union (EU) is transforming policy and politics in its member countries, and possibly in an even larger number of potential members. This book offers a detailed investigation of the Europeanization of national environmental policy in ten western European countries since 1970.

By blending state-of-the-art theories with fresh empirical material on the many manifestations of Europeanization, it sheds new light on the dynamics that are decisively reshaping national environmental policy. It also offers an original assessment of how far Europeanization has produced greater policy convergence in western Europe.

Throughout, the approach taken is genuinely comparative, drawing on the insights provided by leading country specialists.

chapter |17 pages

The Europeanization of National Environmental Policy

A basis for comparative analysis

chapter |17 pages


Inducing a philosophy of 'no unnecessary efforts'

chapter |17 pages


A realistic pragmatist

chapter |18 pages


Getting between the vertical

chapter |19 pages


From environmental leadership to partial mismatch

chapter |18 pages


The triumph of policy style over substance

chapter |18 pages

The Netherlands

The advantages of being 'Mr Average'

chapter |18 pages


Top down Europeanization by fax

chapter |17 pages


Old habits die hard

chapter |16 pages


Reluctant but environmentally ambitious

chapter |19 pages

The United Kingdom

From policy 'taking' to policy 'shaping'

chapter |22 pages

Europeanization and Convergence

Comparative conclusions