At first sight, Karl Marx and Ludwig Wittgenstein may well seem to be as different from each other as it is possible for the ideas of two major intellectuals to be.
Despite this standard conception, however, a small number of scholars have long suggested that there are deeper philosophical commonalities between Marx and Wittgenstein. They have argued that, once grasped, these commonalities can radically change and enrich understanding both of Marxism and of Wittgensteinian philosophy. This book develops and extends this unorthodox view, emphasising the mutual enrichment that comes from bringing Marx's and Wittgenstein's ideas into dialogue with one another.
Essential reading for all scholars and philosophers interested in the Marxist philosophy and the philosophy of Wittgenstein, this book will also be of vital interest to those studying and researching in the fields of social philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of social science and political economy.

chapter |19 pages


ByGavin Kitching

part |26 pages

Conventional wisdoms

part |64 pages


chapter |14 pages

Marx and Wittgenstein as natural historians

ByTed Schatzki

chapter |15 pages

Marx and Wittgenstein

Culture and practical reason
ByDavid Rubinstein

chapter |17 pages

Commodity fetishism as a form of life

Language and value in Wittgenstein and Marx
ByDavid Andrews

chapter |16 pages

Marx, Wittgenstein and postmodernism 1

ByTerrell Carver

part |33 pages

Wittgenstein and Sraffa

chapter |18 pages

Sraffa's influence on Wittgenstein

A conjecture
ByKeiran Sharpe

chapter |13 pages

A Marxist influence on Wittgenstein via Sraffa

ByJohn B. Davis

part |37 pages


chapter |13 pages

Wittgenstein, Winch and Marx

ByTed Benton

chapter |22 pages

Towards a critical use of Marx and Wittgenstein

ByNigel Pleasants

part |45 pages


chapter |28 pages

Towards a Marxian use of Wittgenstein

ByFerruccio Rossi-Landi

chapter |15 pages

Remarks on Marxism and the philosophy of language

ByJoachim Israel

part |66 pages

Knowledge, morality and politics

chapter |23 pages

Marxism and reflexivity

ByGavin Kitching

chapter |28 pages

Marx and Wittgenstein on vampires and parasites

A critique of capital and metaphysics 1
ByRupert Read

chapter |13 pages

Beyond Marx and Wittgenstein

(A confession of a Wittgensteinian Marxist turned Taoist)
ByK.T. Fann