This title explores the close and vital relationship between the contemporary media and immigration. Drawing on newspapers, magazines, film, television and photography, the contributors examine the effects of mass media on migration behaviour and ethnic identity. Using examples from a range of countries, Media and Migration illustrates how the media intervenes to affect the reception migrants receive, how it stimulates prospective migrants to move and how it plays a dynamic role in the cultural politics and cultural identity of diasporic communities.

chapter |22 pages

Media and Migration

An overview
ByNancy Wood, Russell King

chapter |15 pages

Media Effects and Ethnic Relations in Britain and France

ByAlec G. Hargreaves

chapter |15 pages

Migrants and Media

The Italian case
ByGiovanna Campani

chapter |18 pages

‘Blaming the Victim'

An analysis of press representation of refugees and asylum-seekers in the United Kingdom in the 1990s
ByRonald Kaye

chapter |12 pages

Protection or Hospitality

The young man and the illegal immigrant in La Promesse
ByMireille Rosello

chapter |12 pages

African Immigration on Film

Pummarò and the limits of vicarious representation
ByDavid Forgacs

chapter |15 pages

‘Italy is Beautiful'

The role of Italian television in Albanian migration to Italy
ByNicola Mai

chapter |15 pages

‘A Space where One Feels at Home'

Media consumption practices among London's South Asian and Greek Cypriot communities
ByRoza Tsagarousianou

chapter |16 pages

‘Blackpool in the Sun'

Images of the British on the Costa del Sol
ByKaren O’Reilly