Learning to Lead in the Secondary School is designed to meet the needs of subject leaders and heads of department in secondary schools, offering practical advice and guidance to teachers taking on these demanding roles.

This highly informative book is structured around six sections that address all of the key areas in leading a department including:

* becoming a subject leader
* managing effective teaching and learning
* leading and managing people
* the strategic direction and development of a department
* the deployment of staff and resources
* managing personal performance and development.

This guide will be invaluable to middle managers in schools, subject leaders and heads of departments. It will be of interest to teachers and managers at all levels and will also be useful to those undertaking research or further qualifications in educational leadership and management.

chapter |3 pages


part |1 pages

Section 1: Becoming a Subject Leader: Roles, Values and Accountability

chapter 1|9 pages

1 The Role of the Subject Leader

ByMark Brundrett

chapter 1|14 pages

2 Value Driven Leadership

ByHugh Busher

chapter 1|9 pages

3 Subject Leader Accountability

ByDiane Duncan

part |1 pages

Section 2: Leading Effective Teaching and Learning

chapter 2|13 pages

1 Leading Effective Teaching and Learning

ByIan Terrell, Ed Powell

chapter 2|17 pages

2 Models of Teaching and Learning

ByEd Powell, Ian Terrell

chapter 2|9 pages

3 Using Information and Communications Technology in Learning: Ian Terrell and Stephen Powell

ByLearning Ian Terrell, Stephen Powell

part |1 pages

Section 3: Leading and Managing Staff

chapter 3|7 pages

2 Putting the ‘Each’ Back into Teaching

ByIan Terrell, Kathryn Terrell

chapter 3|12 pages

3 The Staff Development Role

ByIan Terrell, Kathryn Terrell

chapter 3|5 pages

4 Performance Management for Middle Managers

ByKathryn Terrell

part |1 pages

Section 4: The Strategic Direction and Development of a Department: Leadership, Planning, Performance and the Use of ICT

chapter 4|16 pages

1 Leadership for Middle Managers

ByRob Bollington

chapter 4|13 pages

2 Development Planning in the Secondary School

ByBob Smith

chapter 4|11 pages

3 School Leadership and ICT: Training for Integration

ByTony Lawson, Chris Comber

chapter 4|12 pages

4 Using ‘Value Added’ Data for Raising Attainment

ByLesley Saunders

part |1 pages

Section 5: The Efficient and Effective Deployment of Staff and Resources

chapter 5|13 pages

1 Financial Resource Management

ByNeil Burton

chapter 5|11 pages

2 Resource and Environment Management

ByNeil Burton

chapter 5|11 pages

3 The Recruitment and Selection of Staff

ByHoward Stevenson

chapter 5|10 pages

4 Health, Safety and Welfare – Managing Stress

ByHoward Stevenson

part |1 pages

Section 6: Managing Your Own Performance and Development

chapter 6|7 pages

1 Self Management for the Subject Leader

ByIan Terrell, Kathryn Terrell

chapter 6|4 pages

2 Your Own Professional Development

ByIan Terrell, Geraint Lang

chapter 6|6 pages

3 Moving Towards Senior Management

ByIan Terrell, Kathryn Terrell