This book addresses the nature of current shifts in professional and managerial knowledge and practice, particularly in relation to power and accountability. Connecting with current debates concerned with work and identity, the book will present a range of theoretical and empirical accounts of the dilemmas and issues facing specialists in various organizational arenas as they seek to adapt to the challenges of organizational and cultural transformation. Contributions offer innovative and sophisticated theoretical engagements which draw upon various perspectives, including those of post-structuralism, feminism, post-marxism and post-modernism.

chapter |16 pages


Configuring the ‘new' professional
ByMike Dent, Stephen Whitehead

part |79 pages

The professional under scrutiny

chapter |19 pages

Trusting the professional

A managerial discourse for uncertain times
ByBarbara A. Misztal

chapter |23 pages

Aspects of the ‘Audit Society'

Issues arising from the colonization of professional academic identities by a ‘portable management tool'
ByDavid Jary

chapter |20 pages

Medical professional autonomy in an era of accountability and regulation

Voices of doctors under siege
ByMarilynn M. Rosenthal

chapter |15 pages

Managing the ‘professional' man

ByDeborah Kerfoot

part |102 pages

Performing and negotiating professional identity

chapter |17 pages

Speaking professionally

Occupational anxiety and discursive ingenuity among human resourcing specialists
ByTony Watson

chapter |22 pages

Amateurism, quackery and professional conduct

The constitution of ‘proper' aromatherapy practice
ByValérie Fournier

chapter |19 pages

‘The romance of lonely dissent'

Intellectuals, professionals and the McUniversity
ByMartin Parker

chapter |17 pages

Gender strategies of women professionals

The case of the US Navy
ByFrank J. Barrett

chapter |25 pages

Omega's story

The heterogeneous engineering of a gendered professional self
ByAttila Bruni, Silvia Gherardi

part |53 pages

Maps and knowledges for the ‘new' professional

chapter |16 pages

‘New age' religion and identity at work

ByCatherine Casey

chapter |18 pages

Writing professional identities

(In)between structure and agency
ByDamian O’Doherty

chapter |17 pages

Life on the verandah

Colonial cartographies of professional identities
ByDorothy Lander, Craig Prichard