This book presents the key debates that the mathematics teacher will need to understand, reflect on and engage in as part of their professional development. Issues in Mathematics Teaching is suitable for those at initial training level right through to practising mathematics teachers. Its accessible structure enables the reader to pursue the issues raised as each chapter includes suggestions for further reading and questions for reflection or debate.

chapter |3 pages

How to make the most of this book

ByPeter Gates

part |16 pages

Setting the scene; raising the issues

chapter |14 pages

What is an/at issue in mathematics education?

ByGates Peter

part |100 pages

Issues in the social context of mathematics education

part |94 pages

Issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics

chapter |24 pages

Teaching mathematics resourcefully

ByKevin Delaney

chapter |19 pages

Dealing with misconceptions in mathematics

ByMalcolm Swan

chapter |14 pages

Adjusting to the newcomer

Roles for the computer in mathematics classrooms
ByJanet Ainley

chapter |17 pages

Reading mathematics texts

ByPaul Dowling

part |44 pages

Issues in the assessment of mathematics

part |53 pages

Issues in the Culture of Mathematics Teaching

chapter |16 pages

Inclusion, Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Beliefs and values
ByMike Ollerton

chapter |17 pages

Critical Mathematics Education

ByPaul Ernest