Roads that are safe in all weathers are a prerequisite of modern society, and large amounts of money are spent, especially in winter, to make travel safe. This book brings together international expertise on planning 'weather proof' roads, operating safe road networks in bad weather and coping effectively with accidents. The performance and cost effectiveness of new technology (ice detection systems, thermal mapping, weather radar etc) are reviewed.

chapter Chapter One|26 pages

Climate as a factor in the planning and design of new roads and motorways

ByLeslie F. Musk

chapter Chapter Two|12 pages

The winter maintenance of highways

ByA.H. Perry, L.J. Symons

chapter Chapter three|30 pages

Thermal mapping and road-weather information systems for highway engineers

ByJohn E. Thornes

chapter Chapter Four|8 pages

Snow and ice control in North America

ByA.H. Perry, J. Nanninga

chapter Chapter Five|14 pages

Snow-drift modelling and control

ByS.L. Ring

chapter Chapter Six|40 pages

The fog hazard

ByLeslie F. Musk

chapter Chapter Seven|32 pages

Blowing dust and highways: the case of Arizona, USA

ByA.I. Brazel

chapter Chapter Eight|28 pages

Road Accidents And The Weather

ByJ.P. Palutikof

chapter Chapter Nine|12 pages

International collaboration

ByErkki Nysten

chapter Chapter Ten|4 pages


ByA.H. Perry, L.J. Symons