The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry holds a major international conference every four years. This volume contains the papers presented at the fourth such event, held at the World Congress on Youth, Leisure and Physical Activity in Brussels.

chapter |14 pages

Monkey Business: Evolution, Culture, and Youth Sport

ByJ. Broekhoff

part One|58 pages

Body Composition and Growth

chapter 1|20 pages

Regional Adiposity and the Sex Hormones

ByA.D. Martin, M. Daniel

chapter 2|10 pages

Mineral and Water Contents of the Fat Free Body: Effect of the Gender, Activity Level, Age and Maturation

ByM.H. Slaughter, C.B. Christ, R.A. Boileau, R.J. Stillman, T.G. Lohman

chapter 3|13 pages

Longitudinal Study of The Stability of The Somatotype in Boys and Girls

ByW. Duquet, J. Borms, M. Hebbelinck, J.A.P. Day, P. Cordemans

chapter 4|14 pages

The Analysis of Individual and Average Growth Curves: Some Methodological Aspects

ByR.C. Hauspie, H. Chrzastek-Spruch

part Two|67 pages

Physical Activity, Health and Fitness

chapter 5|11 pages

Nutrition and Physical Activity

ByJ. Parizkova

chapter 8|6 pages

Applications of Spinal Shrinkage to Subjects with Low Back Pain

ByG. Garbutt, M.G. Boocock, T. Reilly, J.D.G. Troup

chapter 9|5 pages

Flexibility, Warm-Up and Injuries in Mature Games Players

ByT. Reilly, A. Stirling

chapter 10|8 pages

Daily Physical Activity and its Relationship with Health Related and Performance Related Fitness in 30 Year-Old Men

ByC. Van Den Bossche, G. Beunen, R. Renson, J. Lefevre, A. Claessens, R. Lysens, H. Maes, J. Simons, B. Vanden Eynde, B. Vanreusel

chapter 12|9 pages

Heritability of Health- and Performance-Related Fitness Data from the Leuven Longitudinal Twin Study

ByH. Maes, G. Beunen, R. Vlietinck, J. Lefevre, C. Van Den Bossche, A. Claessens, R. Derom, R. Lysens, R. Renson, J. Simons, B. Vanden Eynde

chapter 13|6 pages

Ergometric Assessments of Kayak Paddlers

ByS. Derham, T. Reilly

part Three|49 pages

Performance and Anthropometry

chapter 14|14 pages

Physical Activity and Bone

ByD.A. Bailey, R.G. McCulloch

chapter 16|7 pages

Sexual Dimorphism in Fat Patterning in Young Track and Field Athletes

ByJ. Maia, A. Costa

chapter 17|8 pages

Somatotypes of Female Veteran Track and Field Athletes

ByJ. Broekhoff, W. Pieter, D. Taaffe, A. Nadgir

part Four|78 pages

Growth and Performance

chapter 20|19 pages

Biological Maturation and Physical Performance 1

ByG. Beunen

chapter 21|5 pages

A Comparison of Oxygen Uptake During Running in Children and Adults

ByR.G. Eston, S. Robson, E. Winter

chapter 22|6 pages

Physical Performance Decline or Improvement of Girls at the Time of PHV and Later Maximal Performance

ByJ. Borms, W. Duquet, M. Hebbelinck, J.A.P. Day, A. Henderix

chapter 23|7 pages

Tracking at the Extremes in Health-and Performance Related Fitness from Adolescence through Adulthood

ByJ. Lefevre, G. Beunen, A. Claessens, R. Lysens, H. Maes, R. Renson, J. Simons, B. Vanden Eynde, B. Vanreusel

chapter 25|14 pages

Changes in Running Speed and Endurance Among Girls During Puberty

ByS. Szczesny, J. Coudert

chapter 26|15 pages

Youth Sports: Readiness, Selection and Trainability

ByR.M. Malina