The issues surrounding ethical controversies in sport are often touched on in the popular media. This book by leading international scholars in philosophy and the philosophy of sport provides systematic treatment of the ethics of sport from a range of perspectives.

Part one includes essays which focus on the basis of sport as an activity that is inherently ethical. Part two concerns the nature of the oft-heard but seldom-clarified notion of fair play. Three essays are included which articulate substantively different interpretations of the concept all of which have different allegiances in ethical theory and practical consequences. Part three deals with ethical questions in physical education and coaching, and Part four, on contemporary issues, includes essays which focus on topics such as violence, conflict and deception.
This book is accessible to a wide range of teachers and students in the field of sport and leisure studies. Contributions from international, highly regarded experts in the field to provide the reader with the systematic treatment of the ethics in sport from a diverse perspective.

part |53 pages

PART ONE Ethics and Sport—the Contribution of Philosophy

part |61 pages

PART TWO Fair Play and Sporting Behaviour

chapter |22 pages

4 Games, rules, and contracts

BySimon Eassom

chapter |12 pages

6 ‘Merely meat'? Respect for persons in sport and games

ByCei Tuxill, Sheila Wigmore

part |65 pages

PART THREE Ethics, Physical Education and Sports Coaching

part |87 pages

PART FOUR Contemporary Ethical Issues in Sports