In recent decades various versions of Chinese medicine have begun to be widely practised in Western countries, and the academic study of the subject is now well established. However, there are still few scholarly monographs that describe the history of Chinese medicine and there are none at all on the medieval period.

This collection represents the kind of international collaboration of research teams, centres and individuals that is required to begin to study the source materials adequately. The first book in English to discuss this fascinating material in the century since the Dunhuang library was discovered, the text provides a unique and fascinating interpretation of Chinese medical history.

chapter |15 pages


part II|99 pages

Divination, iatromancy, and related arts

chapter 6|31 pages

Dunhuang iatromantic manuscripts

P. 2856 R° and P. 2675 V° *

chapter 8|30 pages

From prognosis to diagnosis of illness in Tang China

Comparison of the Dunhuang manuscript P. 3390 and medical sources

part III|84 pages

Self-cultivation and the popular medical traditions

chapter 9|25 pages

Quick and easy Chinese medicine

The Dunhuang moxibustion charts

part IV|78 pages