The concepts of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship are rapidly attracting increased attention in academic spheres and from policy-makers, as well as field workers who are setting up new initiatives or reshaping their organizations. These concepts are perceived as defining innovative and dynamic responses to major global challenges in today’s societies.

The debate about social enterprise is now world-wide, with lively exchanges between American and European scholars. However, the research and landscapes still differ significantly in different regions, and diversity also exists within specific regions such as Europe. This book presents the most comprehensive set of contributions reflecting the European-wide debate, but with frequent connections to developments in other parts of the world. This book is a result of work carried out by members of the EMES International Research Network, which is a pioneer in this field.

Social Enterprise and the Third Sector will appeal to all researchers who focus on the third sector, social economy and social enterprise, to MBA and postgraduate students, as well as to intellectual social enterprise leaders and practitioners. It will soon become a key reference for all those who want to explore the full richness of these concepts and follow this important academic debate.

part I|115 pages

The dynamics of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship

part II|139 pages

Social enterprise, governance and policy issues

chapter 11|20 pages

European Work Integration Social Enterprises

Between social innovation and isomorphism 1

chapter 12|19 pages

Co-Production and the Third Sector

The state of the art in research

chapter 13|20 pages

Hybridity, Innovation and the Third Sector

The co-production of public services