This edited volume examines the relationship between the nation and the transnation, focusing on transnational communities in the Asia-Pacific region. Setting the book within a theoretical framework, the authors explore a range of themes such as migration, identity and citizenship in chapters on China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Cambodia.

chapter |15 pages


Transnationalism as a challenge to the nation
ByKatie Willis, Brenda S.A. Yeoh, S.M. Abdul Khader Fakhri

chapter |21 pages

The myth of the controllability of difference

Labour migration, transnational communities and state strategies in the Asia-Pacific region
ByStephen Castles

chapter |30 pages

Spheres of speculation and middling transnational migrants

Chinese Indonesians in the Asia-Pacific
ByDonald M. Nonini

chapter |27 pages

Is there a transnation?

Migrancy and the national homeland among overseas Filipinos
ByFilomeno V. Aguilar

chapter |24 pages

Expatriating is patriotic?

The discourse on ‘new migrants' in the People's Republic of China and identity construction among recent migrants from the PRC
ByPál Nyíri

chapter |17 pages

From nation to networks and back again

Transnationalism, class and national identity in Malaysia
ByTim Bunnell

chapter |18 pages

Indian information technology professionals' world system

The nation and the transnation in individuals' migration strategies
ByXiang Biao

chapter |18 pages

Beyond transnational nationalism

Questioning the borders of the Chinese diaspora in the global city
ByIen Ang

chapter |21 pages

Democracy, culture and the politics of gate-keeping in Cambodia

The transnation goes home
ByCaroline Hughes

chapter |19 pages

Shifting the axis

Feminism and the transnational imaginary
ByVera Mackie