This wide-ranging text provides an overview of policing across different societies, and considers the issues facing the US and British police in a wider international context. The book is designed as a coherent introduction to the police.

part |22 pages

PART 1 An Introduction to Comparative Policing

part |112 pages

PART 3 Policing Issues in International Perspective

chapter |16 pages

Chapter 9 Armed and Unarmed Policing

ByP.A.J. Waddington

chapter |20 pages

Chapter 10Community Policing as Cherry Pie

ByM. Brogden

chapter |17 pages

CHAPTER 11 Police Services for Crime Victims

ByR.I. Mawby

chapter |22 pages

CHAPTER 12 Policewomen: an International Comparison

ByJ. Brown, A. Hazenberg, C. Ormiston