This book brings together leading international experts in the world of terrorism research and counterterrorism policy-making. It has three clear areas of focus:it looks at current issues and trends in terrorism researchit explores how contemporary research on terrorism is focused and conductedit examines how this research impacts in terms of count

chapter 1|29 pages

An Introduction to Terrorism Research

ByAndrew Silke

chapter 2|27 pages

The Case for Firsthand Research

ByJohn Horgan

chapter 4|19 pages

Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism Research: Past and Future

ByGavin Cameron

chapter 5|13 pages

Everything that Descends Must Converge: Terrorism, Globalism and Democracy

ByLeonard Weinberg, William Eubank

chapter 6|15 pages

Terrorism and Knowledge Growth: A Databases and Internet Analysis

ByAvishag Gordon

chapter 7|19 pages

What Do We Know About the Substitution Effect in Transnational Terrorism?

ByWalter Enders, Todd Sandler

chapter 8|23 pages

Conflict Theory and the Trajectory of Terrorist Campaigns in Western Europe

ByLeonard Weinberg, Louise Richardson

chapter 10|28 pages

The Road Less Travelled: Recent Trends in Terrorism Research

ByAndrew Silke