With the diverse array of career opportunities for psychologists--ranging from academics and practice, to business and industry--this book offers a wide-ranging career guide for graduate and postdoctoral students, as well as interns and new psychologists, seeking employment opportunities in the field of psychology and beyond.

chapter |11 pages

Today's New Psychologist

Traditional and Emerging Career Paths
ByTara L. Kuther, Corey J. Habben, Robert D. Morgan

part |58 pages

Academic and Research Careers for New Psychologists

chapter |14 pages

Teaching-Oriented Institutions

“And Those Who Can't”
ByAnne Ferrari

chapter |16 pages

Doctoral Institutions

On the Other Side of the Fence
ByLisa Y. Flores, Robert D. Morgan

chapter |13 pages

Interdisciplinary Medical Setting

The Multiple Roles of a Health Psychologist
ByMarilu Price Berry

chapter |12 pages

Medical Schools and Centers

The Merger of Developmental Psychology and Pediatri Asthma Education
ByJean-Marie Bruzzese

part |110 pages

Practice and Clinical Roles for New Psychologists

chapter |13 pages

University Counseling Center

Bridging the Gap between University Counseling Centers and Academia
ByJeanne M. Hinkelman

chapter |10 pages

Independent Practice

Alive or Dead?
ByDeborah Vineberg

chapter |16 pages

Group Practice

Adapting Private Practice to the New Marketplace
ByCorey J. Habben

chapter |12 pages

Community Mental Health Centers

Opportunities for Supervising Empirically Validated Treatment Protocols
ByJulianne M. Smith-Boydston

chapter |14 pages

Forensic Psychology

Exciting Career Opportunities in the Legal Arena
ByShawn Roberson

chapter |12 pages

Military Psychology

An Army Clinical Psychologist
ByJoshua N. Friedlander

chapter |15 pages

Correctional Psychology

Looking beyond the Bars
ByShelia M. Brandt

chapter |14 pages

School Psychologists in Nontraditional Settings

Alternative Roles and Functions in Psychological Service Delivery
ByRichard Gilman, Terri L. Teague

part |57 pages

Business Roles for New Psychologists

chapter |13 pages

Management Consultation

Improving Organizations
ByJane Kasserman

chapter |13 pages

Quantitative Analysis

Life as a Quant Jock with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology
ByJodie L. Steele

chapter |13 pages

Software User Research

Psychologist in the Software Industry
ByChristopher N. Chapman

chapter |13 pages

Executive Management

Helping Executives Manage Their Organizations through Organizational and Market Research
BySteven Williams

part |94 pages

Applied Roles for New Psychologists

chapter |15 pages

Public Health

Career Opportunities for Psychologists in Public Health
ByMonica L. Baskin

chapter |18 pages

Trial Consulting

Moving Psychology into the Courtroom
ByCindy Kludt Andrews

chapter |13 pages

Sport Psychology

Locker Room Confessions
ByJennifer E. Carter

chapter |17 pages

Disaster Psychology

Keep Clients out of Your Office — Get into the Field!
ByTeri L. Elliott

chapter |14 pages

Research Consultation

Psychologists as Research Consultants
ByErika D. Taylor, Dionne R. Dobbins, Darren W. Woodruff

chapter |7 pages

New Psychologists Online

Changing the Face of Psychology through Technology
ByRichard Van Haveren, Corey J. Habben, Tara L. Kuther

chapter |4 pages

Our Future Is Up to Us

The New Psychologist's Role in Shaping the Profession
ByRobert D. Morgan, Corey J. Habben, Tara L. Kuther