The original French edition of this encyclopedia, the Encyclopédie politique et historique des femmes, Second Edition has been lauded by French reviewers, and now Routledge is pleased to publish this acclaimed resource in an English language edition. From the Salic Law in medieval France to the American Revolution to today's women's representation in American and European politics, this valuable resource discusses women's participation in Western political and historical transformation. The 40 authoritative in-depth articles, written by an international team of scholars, examine women's activism in areas such as voting, emancipation, equality, and democracy, providing students and general readers with an indispensable resource.

part |71 pages

On The Threshold of Modernity

chapter |16 pages

The Salic Law

chapter |16 pages

From Natural Subjection to Conventional Indifference:

Women in the Political Thought of Sir Robert Filmer, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke

part |370 pages

The Age of Revolutions

chapter |33 pages

Sex Or Rank?

Women's Status in the Philosophy of the Enlightenment

chapter |20 pages

From the Rights of Man to Women's Rights:

A Difficult Intellectual Conversion

chapter |17 pages


Women in Philhellenism

chapter |24 pages

Utopia and Counterutopia

Women in the Works of Charles Fourier

chapter |24 pages

1848 in Paris

chapter |27 pages

1871: The Paris Commune

chapter |12 pages

Women in the German Revolution

Rosa Luxemburg and The Worker's Councils

part |355 pages

STruggles For Democracy

chapter |21 pages

The Feminine Condition Under Nazism

TRadition, Modernity, and Racial Hierarchization

chapter |22 pages

Women in Vichy France

chapter |14 pages

Women and Salazarism

chapter |17 pages

Universal Suffrage and Direct Democracy

The Swiss Case, 1848–1990

chapter |15 pages

Women and Islam in the West

Danièle djamila amrane-minne

chapter |13 pages

THe Political Success of Scandinavian Women

Elisabeth elgán