Changing circumstances in Western and global societies have introduced new constraints and opportunities for men and the formation of male identities. Meanwhile, the emerging diversity of 'atypical' identities ('atypical' when compared with traditional conceptions of middle-class, white, heterosexual men) poses new challenges for the production and use of spaces.

Spaces of Masculinities provides a comprehensive introduction to the innovative and diverse research on spaces of masculinity. Drawing on a variety of geographical research projects, the central concern of the book is to highlight the significance of research on masculinity in sociological and geographical work dealing with constructions of gender.

chapter |16 pages


From geographies of men to geographies of women and back again?
ByBettina van Hoven, Kathrin Hörschelmann

part |56 pages

Masculinities in Transition

chapter |12 pages

The Men and the Boys

Bankers, burger makers and barmen
ByLinda McDowell

chapter |18 pages

Masculinity and Rurality

ByPaul Cloke

chapter |10 pages

The Maladies of Manhood in the Buzerplatz

Czech military officers in ‘transition'
ByHana Červinková

part |37 pages

Masculinities and Cultural Change

chapter |11 pages

Transient Masculinities

Indian IT-professionals in Germany
ByBettina van Hoven, Louise Meijering

chapter |13 pages

Latin American Urban Masculinities

Going beyond ‘the macho'
ByKatie Willis

part |42 pages

Masculinity and Violence

chapter |11 pages

Ethnic Violence and Crises of Masculinity

Lebanon in comparative perspective
ByMichael Johnson

chapter |14 pages

Mobilizing the Rhetoric of Defence

Exploring working-class masculinities in the divided city
ByKaren Lysaght

chapter |15 pages

Deviant Masculinities

Representations of neo-fascist youth in eastern Germany
ByKathrin Hörschelmann

part |52 pages

Embodied Masculinities

chapter |10 pages

Shifting Spaces of Masculinity

From Carisbrook to the MCG
ByC. Michael Hall

chapter |14 pages


Spaces of sexual difference, fluidity and abjection
ByRobyn Longhurst

chapter |14 pages

Tattoos in Prison

Men and their pictures on the edge of society
ByJanine Janssen

chapter |12 pages

‘You Questioning My Manhood, Boy?'

Using work to play with gender roles in a regime of male skilled-labour
ByRhys Evans

part |44 pages

Embodied Masculinities

chapter |15 pages

Exploring Notions of Masculinity and Fatherhood

When gay sons ‘come out' to heterosexual fathers
ByTracey Skelton, Gill Valentine

chapter |15 pages

The Awkward Spaces of Fathering

ByStuart C. Aitken

chapter |12 pages

Stages and Streets

Reading and (misr) eading female masculinities1
ByKath Browne