Psychology has influence in almost every walk of life. Originally published in 1997, A Century of Psychology is a review of where the discipline came from, where it had reached and where the editors anticipated it may go.

Ray Fuller, Patricia Noonan Walsh and Patrick McGinley assembled an internationally recognised team of mainly European experts from the major applications and research areas of psychology. They begin with a critical review of methodology and its limitations and plot the course of gender and developmental psychology. They go on to include discussion of learning, intellectual disability, clinical psychology and the emergence of psychotherapy, educational psychology, organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and many other topics, in particular community psychology, perception and alternative medicine.

Enlightening, reflective and sometimes provocative, A Century of Psychology is required reading for anyone involved in psychology as a practitioner, researcher or teacher. It is also a lively introduction for those new to the discipline.

chapter 1|15 pages

Brown, Heisenberg and Lorenz

Predecessors of twenty-first-century psychology?
ByYpe H. Poortinga

chapter 2|20 pages

The three-sided mirror

Feminists looking at psychologists looking at women
ByRhoda K. Unger

chapter 3|18 pages

Child development

Old themes and new directions
BySheila Green

chapter 4|15 pages

The psychology of learning

Retrospect and prospect
ByMarc Richelle

chapter 5|16 pages

Intellectual disability

A psychological assessment
ByRoy McConkey

chapter 6|22 pages

One hundred years of clinical psychology

Roots, doubts and hopes
ByAmparo Belloch

chapter 8|16 pages

Psychology and education

A century of challenge for educational psychology
ByIngrid Lunt

chapter 9|17 pages

Community psychology

A new Gestalt psychology?
ByJ. R. Newbrough

chapter 10|15 pages

Critical moments on the edge

Psychological prevention of psychic and somatic problems, disorders and illnesses
BySalli Saari

chapter 11|21 pages

Flight from science

Alternative medicine, postmodernism and relativism
ByAdrian Furnham

chapter 12|15 pages

One hundred years of work and organizational psychology

Progress, deficiencies and promise
ByBernhard Wilpert

chapter 13|17 pages

The coming of age of the psychology of thinking and reasoning

ByRuth M. J. Byrne

chapter 14|17 pages

The history of the concept of goals

ByPeter M. Gollwitzer

chapter 15|11 pages

Visual perception at the edge of the century

ByGéry d'Ydewalle

chapter 16|19 pages

On the edge of consciousness

Pre-attentive mechanisms in the generation of anxiety
ByArne Öhman

chapter 17|25 pages

Cognitive neuropsychology

A century of challenge for educational psychology
ByPeter W. Halligan, John C. Marshall

chapter 18|23 pages

A theory of emotion and its brain mechanisms

ByEdmund T. Rolls