This volume investigates the horror genre across national boundaries (including locations such as Africa, Turkey, and post-Soviet Russia) and different media forms, illustrating the ways that horror can be theorized through the circulation, reception, and production of transnational media texts. Perhaps more than any other genre, horror is characterized by its ability to be simultaneously aware of the local while able to permeate national boundaries, to function on both regional and international registers. The essays here explore political models and allegories, questions of cult or subcultural media and their distribution practices, the relationship between regional or cultural networks, and the legibility of international horror iconography across distinct media. The book underscores how a discussion of contemporary international horror is not only about genre but about how genre can inform theories of visual cultures and the increasing permeability of their borders.

chapter |13 pages


part I|52 pages

Spectres of History

chapter 1|13 pages

Ghastly Transmissions

The Horror of Connectivity and the Transnational Flow of Fear

chapter 2|14 pages

Desire for the Past

The Supernaturalization of Yatsuhaka-mura

chapter 3|23 pages

High Stakes

The Vampire and the Double in Russian Cinema

part II|40 pages

Trans(gressing) Genre and Media

chapter 4|17 pages

Dark Monarchs

Gothic Landscapes in Contemporary British Culture

chapter 5|21 pages

European Horror Games

Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ and the European Game Industry

part III|49 pages

Genre, History, and Horror

chapter 8|15 pages

The Country Bleeds with a Laugh

Social Criticism Meets Horror Genre in José Mojica Marins's À Meia-Noite Levarei Sua Alma

part |34 pages

Biology and Bodies

chapter 9|17 pages

Doctor de Sade

A Sadean Approach to Representations of Mad Science in Horror Cinema

chapter 10|15 pages

"You Had Me at 'I'm Dead' "

Porn, Horror, and the Fragmented Body

part V|53 pages

Postcolonial Animals

chapter 11|16 pages

"The Sheep Are Revolting"

Becoming-Animal in the Postcolonial Zombie Comedy

chapter 12|19 pages

Horrors of Anthropocentrism

"Improved Animals" on the Islands of Dr. Moreau

chapter 13|16 pages

Horror and Counter-History

Profundo Carmesí