This book brings together a complete set of approaches to works by female authors that articulate the black Atlantic in relation to the interplay of race, class, and gender. The chapters provide the grounds to (en)gender a more complex understanding of the scattered geographies of the African diaspora in the Atlantic basin. The variety of approaches displayed bears witness to the vitality of a field that, over the years, has become a diasporic formation itself as it incorporates critical insights and theoretical frameworks from multiple disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities, thus exposing the manifold character of (black) diasporic interconnections within and beyond the Atlantic. Focusing on a wide array of contemporary literary and performance texts by women writers and performers from diverse locations including the Caribbean, Canada, Africa, the US, and the UK, chapters visit genres such as performance art, the novel, science fiction, short stories, and music. For these purposes, the volume is organized around two significant dimensions of diasporas: on the one hand, the material—corporeal and spatial—locations where those displacements associated with travel and exile occur, and, on the other, the fluid environments and networks that connect distant places, cultures, and times. This collection explores the ways in which women of African descent shape the cultures and histories in the modern, colonial, and postcolonial Atlantic worlds.

chapter |11 pages


(En)Gendering the Black Atlantic
ByEmilia María Durán-Almarza

part |118 pages

Diasporic Materialities

part |49 pages

Body Politics

chapter |19 pages

Seeing Black and the Color of Representation

ByFo Wilson

chapter |18 pages

“I think i might be broken”

The Reconstitution of Black Atlantic Bodies and Memories in Sharon Bridgforth's Delta Dandi
ByAna-Maurine Lara

part |67 pages

Reconfiguring Space

chapter |17 pages

Lyrical Cartographies

Redrawing the Boundaries of the Black Atlantic in Dionne Brand's A Map to the Door of No return and At the Full and Change of the Moon
ByMathilde Mergeai

chapter |16 pages

The Black Atlantic and Home

Women and Migrations in Lauretta Ngcobo's And They Didn't Die and Yvonne Vera's The Stone Virgins
ByCarolyn Hart

chapter |16 pages

Roots and Rootedness

Unearthing (En)Gendered Identities in Donna Weir-Soley's First Rain
ByClaudia May

part |87 pages

Diasporic Journeys

part |50 pages

Rerouting the Black Atlantic

chapter |18 pages

The Dancing Couple in Black Atlantic Space

ByAnanya Jahanara Kabir

chapter |18 pages

Negotiating Belonging

Yvonne Vera's Politics of Location
ByAnna-Leena Toivanen

part |35 pages

M/Othering the Black Atlantic

chapter |16 pages

The Sea-People of Nalo Hopkinson's The New Moon's Arms

Reconceptualizing Paul Gilroy's The Black Atlantic through Considerations of Myth and Motherhood
ByGiselle Liza Anatol