Participation as an element of active citizenship in democracies is a key project of international and national educational policy. Institutionalized approaches for compulsory schools provide participatory access to all young European citizens. But does this picture depict the possibilities and practices of participation appropriately? Can this standard approach to participation be translated into action in view of diverse polities, policies, political cultures, institutions and practices of participation? This book explores what prerequisites must be given for a successful implementation of such a comprehensive international project.

chapter |9 pages


Critical Approaches to Education for Civic and Political Participation
ByReinhold Hedtke, Tatjana Zimenkova

part I|68 pages

Taken-for-Grantedness and Hidden Normativity?

chapter 1|23 pages

Dealing with Dissatisfaction

Role, Skills and Meta-Competencies of Participatory Citizenship Education
ByDetlef Sack

chapter 2|18 pages

Active Citizenship as Harmonious Co-Existence?

About the Political in Participatory Education
ByTatjana Zimenkova

chapter 3|25 pages

Who is Afraid of a Non-Conformist Youth?

The Right to Dissent and to not Participate
ByReinhold Hedtke

part II|54 pages

Ambitious Policies, Ambiguous Practices?

chapter 5|18 pages

Motivated by Education or Encouraged by Opportunities?

A Comparative Perspective on Knowledge and Participation Nexus
ByAnu Toots

chapter 6|16 pages

Putting Participation into Practice

Re-Evaluating the Implementation of the Citizenship Curriculum in England
ByAvril Keating, David Kerr

part III|56 pages

Included by Education, Excluded by Politics?

chapter III 7|20 pages

Education, Citizenship and Deliberative Democracy

Sen's Capability Perspective
ByTristan McCowan, Elaine Unterhalter

chapter III 8|16 pages

Citizenship Education without Citizenship?

The Migrant in EU Education Policy on European Citizenship—Toward the Margin through ‘Strangification'
ByMaria Olson

chapter III 9|18 pages

Sharing Political Power or Caring for the Public Good?

The Impact of Service Learning on Civic and Political Participation1
ByTatjana Zimenkova

part IV|33 pages

Shadows of the Pasts, Privacies in the Present?

chapter IV 10|16 pages

A Relational Approach to Citizenship

Between Civicness and Authoritarianism
ByIreneusz Pawel Karolewski

chapter IV 11|15 pages

Visions of the Authoritarian Past in Citizenship Education Policies and Practices in Spain and Portugal

ByPedro D. Ferreira, Andreia Caetano, Mariana Rodrigues, Carina C. Lopes, Sofia C. Pais, Helena C. Araújo, Isabel Menezes

part V|15 pages


chapter V 12|13 pages

Concluding Remarks

Object of Participation Policies, Subject of Political Participation?
ByTatjana Zimenkova, Reinhold Hedtke