This text calls for a broader approach to comparative educational administration: one which uses culture as the principle means of analysis. The articles collected by Allan Walker and Clive Dimmock detail the educational practices and outcomes of other systems while taking into account the mediating influence of culture. In this way, these essays stress the specific aspects of the cultures studied, and map out common ground for the study of administrators' values, beliefs, and actions.

chapter |10 pages


The Societal Cultural Context of Educational Administration and Leadership
ByAllan Walker, Clive Dimmock

part I|90 pages

Conceptualizing and Researching the Influence of Societal Culture

chapter 1|20 pages

Cross-Cultural and Comparative Insights into Educational Administration and Leadership

An Initial Framework
ByAllan Walker, Clive Dimmock

chapter 2|12 pages

Educational Leadership

Taking Account of Complex Global and Cultural Contexts
ByClive Dimmock

chapter 3|15 pages

Western-Centric Perspectives on Values and Leadership

Cultural Isomorphs of Educational Administration
ByPaul Begley

chapter 4|16 pages

Learning and Teaching

A Cross-Cultural Perspective
ByDavid Watkins

part II|134 pages

The Influence of Societal Culture on Schools and School Leadership

chapter 6|20 pages

Leadership, Learning, and the Challenge to Democracy

The Cases of Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States
ByJohn MacBeath

chapter 7|18 pages

Educational Change in Thailand

Opening a Window onto Leadership as a Cultural Process
ByPhillip Hallinger, Pornkasem Kantamara

chapter 8|15 pages

Shaping the Curriculum in Hong Kong

Contexts and Cultures
ByPaul Morris, Lo Mun Ling

chapter 9|16 pages

Leadership in High Achieving Schools in Singapore

The Influence of Societal Culture
ByLeslie Sharp, Saravanan Gopinathan

chapter 10|14 pages

Leadership and Culture in Chinese Education

ByTony Bush, Qiang Haiyan

chapter 11|18 pages

School Leadership in English Schools

Portraits, Puzzles, and Identity
ByGeoff Southworth

chapter 12|17 pages

Hong Kong Principals' Dilemmas

Basic Management and Consequence
ByAllan Walker

chapter 13|12 pages


Embedding Societal Culture in the Study of Educational Leadership
ByClive Dimmock, Allan Walker