This volume offers a varied and informed series of approaches to questions of mobility—actual, social, virtual, and imaginary—as related to visual culture. Contributors address these questions in light of important contemporary issues such as migration; globalization; trans-nationality and trans-cultural difference; art, space and place; new media; fantasy and identity; and the movement across and the transgression of the proprieties of boundaries and borders. The book invites the reader to read across the collection, noting differences or making connections between media and forms and between audiences, critical traditions and practitioners, with a view to developing a more informed understanding of visual culture and its modalities of mobility and fantasy as encouraged by dominant, emergent, and radical forms of visual practice.

chapter 1|26 pages

Mobility and Fantasy in Visual Culture

Image, Non-image Space and Trajectories of the Look

part I|58 pages

Still Images and Objects

part I|58 pages


chapter 2|13 pages

From Place to Place

Traces of Transumption in Contemporary Visual Art

chapter 4|15 pages

Mobility, Dress and Early Enlightenment Bodies

Hybrids of Ottoman East and West in the Romanian Principalities

chapter 5|11 pages

The Panoramic Studium in Nineteenth-century History Painting

Paul Delaroche and Jean-Léon Gérôme

chapter 6|7 pages

The Futurist Myth of Accelerated Subjectivity

Speed in Umberto Boccioni's Works

part II|45 pages

Moving Images

part II|45 pages


chapter 7|11 pages

Mobile Fantasy

Miyazaki's Transnational Magic

chapter 8|13 pages


chapter 9|10 pages

Praxis of Potentiality

A Consideration of Spatial Disappearance

chapter 10|9 pages

On Botany Carcinoma

part III|44 pages

Interactive Images

part III|44 pages


chapter 11|8 pages

Playing with Computers in Urban Space

Aesthetic-medial Dimensions

chapter 12|8 pages

Appearing and Disappearing on the Net

The Work of Systaime and Camille Laurelli

chapter 13|7 pages

Fantasy, Mental Mobility and Imaginary Visual Culture

Role-playing Games and LARP Secondary World

chapter 15|12 pages

Enabling through Self-imaging

The Potential of Visual Communication in the Field of Diaspora, Youth Culture and Web 2.0

part IV|59 pages

Boundaries, Borders, Limits and Mobility

part IV|59 pages


chapter 16|14 pages

The Artist as Spy

Artistic Mobility and the Power of the Image

chapter 17|9 pages


Tourism, Transgression and Mobility

chapter 18|12 pages

Mapping the Phantasmagoria

chapter 19|12 pages

Spatialising the Other as a Fantasy of Ethnicity

German-Turkish Contemporary Art

part V|44 pages

Theorising Mobility and Fantasy