In an age of globalization, performance is increasingly drawn from intercultural creativity and located in multicultural settings. This volume is the first to focus on the performing arts of Asian diasporas in the context of modernity and multiculturalism. The essays locate the contemporary performing arts as a discursive field in which the boundaries between tradition and translation, and authenticity and hybridity are redefined and negotiated to create a multitude of meaning and aesthetics in global and local contexts.
With contributions from scholars of Asian studies, theatre studies, anthropology, cultural studies, dance ethnology and musicology, this truly interdisciplinary work covers every aspect of the sociology of performance of the Asian diasporas.

chapter |16 pages

Hae-kyung Um

Understanding diaspora, identity and performance

part |2 pages

in the performing arts among the Chinese diasporas

chapter |42 pages

performing arts

chapter |14 pages

of samba

Japanese-Brazilian presence/absence

chapter |16 pages

Deborah Wong

Ethnicity, authenticity and ownership in Asian American taiko

chapter |13 pages

manufacturing identity

The changing role of a bharata natyam dancer’s solo debut in the

chapter |25 pages


ByGerry Farrell with Jayeeta Bhowmick and Graham Welch

chapter |32 pages

the music of the Cambodian diaspora

chapter |10 pages

‘mirrors’ of East

Elements of in post-war art music
Bygagaku Yayoi Uno Everett

part |1 pages

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