In this book, an international team of political geographers and political scientists examine the impact of 11 September 2001 on foreign policies and international relations. The authors draw from a variety of different perspectives to discuss America and emerging world orders, terrorism, environmental security, civil society and the visual and print media.

Foreword, 11 September and Its Aftermath: Introduction, The Meaning of 11 September and the Emerging Postinternational World, American Hegemony after 11 September: Allies, Rivals and Contradictions, Calling 911: Geopolitics, Security and America’s New War, The Naming of ‘Terrorism’ and Evil ‘Outlaws’: Geopolitical Place Making After 11 September, Strategic Troping in Sri Lanka: September Eleventh and the Consolidation of Political Position, Environmental Terrorism: A Critique, Tabloid Realism and the Revival of American Security Culture, 11 September and Popular Geopolitics: A Study of Websites Run for and by Dutch Moroccans, Editorials and Geopolitical Explanations for 11 September, Reading Geopolitics Beyond the State: Organisational Discourse in Response to 11 September, Abstracts, Notes on Contributors, Index