Building on its origins at a seminar in Oslo organized by two of the editors, this book combines classic texts of Nordic ecophilosophy and the original contributions of those influenced by this tradition to  present the view that critical realism is indeed a worthy intellectual tradition to carry forward and further develop the work of the founders of Nordic ecophilosophy.

It was clear at the seminar that there was a promising convergence of interests and themes in the two approaches; while at the same time, within the Nordic ecophilosophical tradition, there was appreciation of the capacity of critical realism, with its provision  of a robust philosophical ontology and generation of totalizing immanent critiques of Western philosophy, to provide an expansive and secure home for the development of ecophilosophical work generally.

If there is a single overarching theme of critical realist philosophy, it surely must be that of the unity of theory and practice, which Bhaskar, following Hegel, has also called "seriousness". This makes the applicability, relevance and actionability of critical realism key considerations for critical realists. There can be no doubt that this concern was shared fully by the Nordic ecophilosophers; and this quality of  "seriousness" is a striking feature of the Nordic contributions presented in this book.

chapter |8 pages

Introductory Perspectives

ByKarl Georg Høyer, Petter Næss

chapter |19 pages

Technology, Natureand Ethics

ByArne Johan Vetlesen

chapter |29 pages

Ecophilosophy and the Contemporary Environmental Debate

ByKarl Georg Høyer

chapter |11 pages

A Biosophical Perspective

Humans as a tragic species
ByPeter Wessel Zapffe, Sigmund Kvaløy

chapter |15 pages

The Deep Ecological Movement

Some philosophical aspects
ByArne Næss

chapter |16 pages

Gaia Versus Servoglobe

BySigmund Kvaløy Setereng

chapter |11 pages

A Provocative Pessimism

A postscript on the scientific worldview and global order
ByGeorg Henrik von Wright

chapter |9 pages

Global and Local

ByTorsten Hägerstrand

chapter |12 pages

On Making Sense of the Human Environment

The problem
ByTorsten Hägerstrand

chapter |9 pages

Precautionary Science

The ecophilosophical foundation
ByKarl Georg Høyer

chapter |20 pages

Nordic Ecophilosophy and Critical Realism

ByTrond Gansmo Jakobsen

chapter |24 pages

From Ecophilosophy to Degrowth

ByKarl Georg Høyer, Petter Næss