Lesbians and gays have gone from "coming out," to "acting up," to "outing," meanwhile radically redefining society's views on sexuality and gender. The essays in Inside/Out employ a variety of approaches (psychoanalysis, deconstruction, semiotics, and discourse theory) to investigate representations of sex and sexual difference in literature, film, video, music, and photography. Engaging the figures of divas, dykes, vampires and queens, the contributors address issues such as AIDS, pornography, pedagogy, authorship, and activism. Inside/Out shifts the focus from sex to sexual orientation, provoking a reconsideration of the concepts of the sexual and the political.

chapter |10 pages


part I|106 pages

Decking Out: Performing Identities

part II|85 pages

Cutting Up: Specters, Spectators, Authors

part III|86 pages

III Zoning In: Body/Parts

part IV|81 pages

Acting Up: AIDS, Allegory, Activism

part V|31 pages

Speaking Out: Teaching In

chapter 17|15 pages

School's Out