Whores and Other Feminists fleshes out feminist politics from the perspective of sex workers--strippers, prostitutes, porn writers, producers and performers, dominatrices--and their allies. Comprising a range of voices from both within and outside the academy, this collection draws from traditional feminisms, postmodern feminism, queer theory, and sex radicalism. It stretches the boundaries of contemporary feminism, holding accountable both traditional feminism for stigmatizing sex workers, and also the sex industry for its sexist practices.

chapter |15 pages


ByNagle Jill

part |53 pages


chapter |17 pages

Naked, Naughty, Nasty

Peep Show Reflections
ByVicky Funari

chapter |8 pages

Odyssey of a Feminist Pornographer

ByMarcy Sheiner

chapter |10 pages

The Holy Whore

A Woman's Gateway to Power
ByCosi Fabian

chapter |2 pages

A Sex Protector/Pervert Speaks Out

ByAnn Renee

chapter |9 pages

In the Flesh

A Porn Star's Journey
ByNina Hartley

chapter |4 pages

We've Come A Long Way—And We're Exhausted!

ByAnnie Sprinkle

part |67 pages


chapter |10 pages

Love for Sale

Queering Heterosexuality
ByEva Pendleton

chapter |12 pages

Feminism, Sex Workers, and Human Rights

ByPriscilla Alexander

chapter |20 pages

Peepshow Feminism

ByTawnya Dudash

chapter |6 pages

The Littlest Harlot

Barbie's Career as a Role Model
ByTracy Quan

chapter |2 pages

500 Words on Acculturation

ByJessica Patton

part |38 pages


chapter |4 pages

It's Different for Boys

ByJulian Marlowe

chapter |11 pages

Professional Dominance Power, Money, and Identity

ByLiz Highleyman

chapter |11 pages

First Ladies of Feminist Porn

A Conversation with Candida Royalle and Debi Sundahl
ByJill Nagle

chapter |3 pages

No Girls Allowed at the Mustang Ranch

ByVeronica Monét

chapter |7 pages

Butch Gigolette

ByLes Von Zoticus

part |46 pages


chapter |10 pages

All Stripped Off

ByStacy Reed

chapter |2 pages

Confessions of a Fat Sex Worker

ByDrew Campbell

chapter |4 pages

They Say I Write Sex for Money

The Dike Writer as Sex Worker
ByRed Jordan Arobateau

chapter |15 pages

Showing Up Fully

Women of Color Discuss Sex Work
ByBlake Aarens, B. Hima, Gina Gold, Jade Irie, Madeleine Lawson, Gloria Lockett, Jill Nagle

chapter |7 pages

Working It

ByNorma Jean Almodovar

chapter |6 pages


ByVeronica Monét

part |36 pages


chapter |7 pages

Inventing Sex Work

ByCarol Leigh

chapter |10 pages

Organizing in the Massage Parlor

An Interview with Denise Turner
ByLyndall MacCowan

chapter |6 pages

MAPping Accountability

ByLarry Grant

chapter |4 pages

A Prostitute Joins NOW

ByTeri Goodson

chapter |4 pages

Dancing Toward Freedom

BySiobhan Brooks

chapter |3 pages

Feminists for Free Expression

ByJoan Kennedy Taylor