Creative Arts-Based Group Therapy with Adolescents provides principles for effective use of different arts-based approaches in adolescent group therapy, grounding these principles in neuroscience and group process practice-based evidence. It includes chapters covering each of the main creative arts therapy modalities—art therapy, bibliotherapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, and poetry/expressive writing therapy—written by respected contributors who are expert in the application of these modalities in the context of groups. These methods are uniquely effective for engaging adolescents and addressing many of the developmental, familial, and societal problems that they face. The text offers theory and guiding principle, while also providing a comprehensive resource for group therapists of diverse disciplines who wish to incorporate creative arts-based methods into their practice with teens.

part 1|66 pages


part 2|104 pages

Creative Arts Therapies in Action

part 3|94 pages

Clinical Applications

chapter 13|17 pages

Teen Bodies

The Problem of Adolescent Embodiment, and How the Arts Can Help

chapter 14|17 pages

Embodied Practices and Queer Anthems

Working Against Risk Discourses With Young People ‘At the Margins’