Combining knowledge from sport management, marketing, media, leadership, governance, and consumer behavior in innovative ways, this book goes further than any other in surveying current theory and research on the business of women’s sport around the world, making it an unparalleled resource for all those who aspire to work in, or understand, women’s sport.

Featuring international perspectives, with authors from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and insightful, in-depth profiles of real leaders within different sectors of women's sport in the global sport industry, the Routledge Handbook of the Business of Women's Sport offers an integrated understanding of the ways traditional media and social media impact both the understanding and advancement of women’s sport properties, businesses, teams, and athletes. Innovative case studies show how societal issues such as gender, power, and framing impact the business of women’s sports and those who work in women’s sport.

An essential reference for any researcher or advanced student with an interest in women’s sport or women in business, and useful supplementary reading for researchers and advanced students working in sport business, sport management, mainstream business and management, or women’s studies.

chapter |7 pages


part II|107 pages

Management of women’s sport

chapter 10|17 pages

From the battlefield to the board room

The place of gender in sex-integrated sport

part IV|111 pages

Leadership and governance

chapter 20|11 pages

Women’s roles and positions in European sport organizations

Historical developments and current tendencies

chapter 22|11 pages

National sporting organizations and women’s sport participation

An Australian focus

chapter 24|13 pages

Women’s involvement in sport governance

A case study of New Zealand Rugby

chapter 27|12 pages

Women and elite coaching in New Zealand

Challenges, benefits, and opportunities

part V|88 pages

Marketing and consumer behavior

chapter 28|13 pages

Authentically communicating with women consumers

Examining successful (and non-successful) branding and marketing efforts

chapter 29|11 pages

Team identification in women’s sport

What little we know

chapter 30|12 pages

Women are sport fans!

An examination of female sport fandom

chapter 32|11 pages

Sexism in marketing women’s sport and female athletes

Ineffective and harmful

chapter 33|10 pages

You’re just not our type

An examination of the obstacles faced by women athlete endorsers

part VI|91 pages

Media and technology

chapter 35|13 pages

Social media and women’s sport

What have we learned so far

chapter 37|12 pages

Transforming sporting spaces into male spaces

Considering sports media practices in an evolving sporting landscape

chapter 38|12 pages


Carving out media and corporate success in the game for all girls

chapter 39|11 pages

Deserving of attention

Traditional media coverage and the use of social media by female athletes with disabilities

chapter 40|14 pages

Sport, sponsors, and sponsor fit

Media presentations of Norwegian women athletes in Olympic events

chapter |4 pages