Originally published in 1957,the first part of this volume examines physical education in classical Greece and Imperial Rome during the first and second centuries A.D. and in Italy and England during the Renaissance. Each of these periods witnessed remarkable developments in the practice and theory of physical education: developments which still have present-day significance. The second part of the book traces the simultaneous development of physical education in different parts of the USA and Europe from the end of the eighteenth century onwards.

chapter I|4 pages


ByJ. G. Dixon, P. C. McIntosh, A. D. Munrow, R. F. Willetts

chapter II|30 pages

Social Aspects of Greek Physical Education

ByR. F. Willetts

chapter III|25 pages

Physical Education and Recreation in Imperial Rome

ByP. G. McIntosh

chapter IV|21 pages

Physical Education in Renaissance Italy and Tudor England

ByP. C. McIntosh

chapter V|26 pages

Therapeutic Exercise in Scandinavia

ByP. G. McIntosh

chapter VI|42 pages

Prussia, Politics and Physical Education

ByJ. G. Dixon

chapter VII|28 pages

Physical Education in The United States of America

ByA. D. Munrow

chapter VIII|32 pages

Games and Gymnastics for two Nations in one

ByP. C. McIntosh