First published in 1987. This collection brings together important articles written by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters during the Suffragette Campaign, 1903-14. Includes a transcript of the 1908 trial of the suffragette leaders, their speeches, and major pamphlets of the Women's Social and Political Union.

chapter |17 pages


Re-Reading the Pankhursts and Women's Suffrage

chapter |16 pages

The Commons Debate on Woman Suffrage

With a Reply (1908)

chapter |17 pages

The Militant Methods of the N.W.S.P.U.

(Being the verbatim Report of a Speech of Christabel Pankhurst, at the St James's Hall, on October 15th, 1908)

chapter |3 pages

Militant Methods

(c. 1909)

chapter |2 pages

Broken Windows


chapter |28 pages


(Tuesday, May 21st, 1912)

chapter |10 pages

Why we are Militant

(A Speech Delivered in New York October 21st, 1913)

chapter |3 pages

Our Demand

What it is and what it is not (N.W.S.P.U. Leaflet, c. 1908)

chapter |2 pages

Why we Oppose the Liberal Government

(N. W. S. P. U. leaflet, c. 1908–9)

chapter |2 pages

What Women Demand

(N.W.S.P.U. Leaflet, c. 1908–9)

chapter |4 pages

Votes for Women. The Conciliation Bill Explained

(N.W.S.P.U. Leaflet, 1911)

chapter |3 pages

A Message from the W.S.P.U.

(Leaflet, c. 1911–12)

chapter |2 pages

Window Breaking: To One who has Suffered

(W. S. P. U. Leaflet, c. 1912–13)

chapter |2 pages

The Outragettes

(N.W.S.P.U. Leaflet, Reprinted from ‘the Weekly Dispatch,' April 13th 1913)

chapter |12 pages

The Woman's Dreadnought

Published by the East London Federation of the Suffragettes (8 March 1914)

chapter |5 pages

How shall we get the Vote?

(WD, 21 March 1914)

chapter |3 pages

The Hunger and Thirst Strike and its Effects

(WD,11 April 1914)

chapter |3 pages

What Happened on May 24th

(WD 6 June 1914)

chapter |4 pages

A Minimum Wage for Women

(WD, 12 September 1914)

chapter |4 pages

The Sweating Scandal

(W.D. 24 October 1914)

chapter |3 pages

How to Meet Industrial Conscription

(WD, 20 March 1915)

chapter |3 pages

Stand by the Woman Worker

(WD, 27 March 1915)

chapter |3 pages

We Must Persevere

(WD, 24 July 1915)

chapter |9 pages

Death-Rate of Mothers

(WD, 6 November 1915)

chapter |4 pages

One Woman, One Vote

(WD, 27 November 1915)

chapter |5 pages

Why Wait?

(WD, 22 January 1916)

chapter |5 pages

A Question of Tactics

(WD, 29 January 1916)

chapter |2 pages

The Opportunity

(WD, 3 June 1916)