The inexorable advent of globalization has transformed the public policymaking process into a multi-faceted challenge that transcends traditional policymaking boundaries and forces scholars, experts, and practitioners to redefine their field in terms of both theory and practice. While every policy dilemma has a specific location in time and space, most significant policy issues— climate change, food and water, economic development, global pandemics, terrorism and violence, and migration, to name just a few—now require a collective framing of the problem and a collaborative effort to take effective action.


The essays in Public Policymaking in a Globalized World offer valuable insights into how policymaking is evolving from a circumscribed field of inquiry into a truly global dialogue that can help stakeholders to focus on key issues that threaten the survival of our planet.

part II|74 pages

Reflections On Policymaking and Policy Analysis

part III|125 pages

Global Case Studies: India, China, Egypt, South Africa and Rwanda

chapter 10|32 pages

Public Policy and Corruption in a Globalized World

Case Studies from South Africa and Rwanda

chapter 11|24 pages

Urban Poverty Policies and Politics in India

Public-Private Partnership in Slum Redevelopment

chapter 12|17 pages

The Hukou

China’s Achilles’ Heel?

part IV|113 pages

Public Policy in Turkey: Sectoral Perspectives

chapter 16|32 pages

Anti-corruption Policy in Turkey

Instruments, Issues and Influences 1

chapter 18|16 pages

An Analysis of Policy Transfer

The Policy on Protecting Women against Domestic Violence in Turkey