Please explain why you think about and write history as you do?

Collecting together the responses to this question from 15 of the world’s foremost historians and theorists, Authoring the Past represents a powerful reflection on and intervention in the historiographical field.

Edited by Alun Munslow and presented in concise digestible essays, the collection covers a broad range of contemporary interests and ideas and offers a rich set of reasoned alternative thoughts on our cultural engagement with times gone by. Emerging from an intensely fertile period of historical thought and practice, Authoring the Past examines the variety of approaches to the discipline that have taken shape during this time and suggests possible future ways of thinking about and interacting with the past. It provides a unique insight into recent debates on the nature and purpose of history and demonstrates that when diverse metaphysical and aesthetic choices are made, the nature of the representation of the past becomes a matter of legitimate dispute. Students, scholars and practitioners of history will find it a stimulating and invaluable resource.

chapter |6 pages


ByAlun Munslow

chapter 1|19 pages

Writing, Rewriting the Beach: An Essay

ByGreg Dening

chapter 2|13 pages

‘After’ History

ByKeith Jenkins

chapter 3|14 pages

History is Public or Nothing

ByAlice Kessler-Harris

chapter 4|13 pages

I Am Not a Baseball Historian

BySteven A. Riess

chapter 5|18 pages

Beyond History

ByElizabeth Deeds Ermarth

chapter 6|7 pages

Practices of Historical Narrative

ByRichard Price

chapter 7|14 pages

More Secondary Modern Than Postmodern

ByPatrick Joyce

chapter 8|22 pages

Rethinking History

ByFrank R. Ankersmit

chapter 9|15 pages

Confessions of a Postmodern (?) Historian

ByRobert A. Rosenstone

chapter 10|11 pages

The Story of My Engagements with the Past

ByPeter Munz

chapter 11|12 pages

In Search of Ariadne’s Thread

ByBeverley Southgate

chapter 12|6 pages

Invitation to Historians

ByC. Behan McCullagh

chapter 13|12 pages

An Intellectual Self-Portrait or the History of a Historian

ByPeter Burke

chapter 14|13 pages

History, the Historian, and an Autobiography

ByJeremy D. Popkin

chapter 15|8 pages

Invitation to Historians

ByAlexander Lyon Macfie