Exploring the ambiguities of how we define the word ‘culture’ in our global society, this book identifies its imprint on architectural ideas. It examines the historical role of the cultural in architectural production and expression, looking at meaning and communication, tracing the formations of cultural identities.

Chapters written by international academics in history, theory and philosophy of architecture, examine how different modes of representation throughout history have drawn profound meanings from cultural practices and beliefs. These are as diverse as the designs they inspire and include religious, mythic, poetic, political, and philosophical references.

chapter 1|13 pages

Greek Theatre as an Embodiment of Cultural Meaning

ByDagmar Motycka Weston

chapter 2|9 pages

The Restoration of the Hut of Romulus

ByChris Siwicki

chapter 3|12 pages

Il Corridoio Vasariano: A Resplendent Passage to Medici and Vasari’s Grandeur

ByLiana De Girolami Cheney

chapter 4|8 pages

Language Beyond Metaphor: The Structural Symbolism of Borromini’s Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza

BySant’Ivo alla Sapienza Noé Badillo

chapter 5|11 pages

Villa Albani: Repository of Multiple Narratives

ByJane Lomholt

chapter 6|10 pages

The Space of Fiction: On the Cultural Relevance of Architecture

ByLouise Pelletier

chapter |3 pages

Part Two Architecture as Substance and Sustenance:

ByCultural Desires and Needs

chapter 8|10 pages

De Beata Architectura: Places for Thinking

ByMarco Frascari

chapter 9|9 pages

Sverre Fehn: Materials and Culture

ByChris Hay

chapter 10|12 pages

A Persuasive Topology: Alvar Aalto and the Ambience of History

ByHarry Charrington

chapter 12|9 pages

Architectural Poetics in Alvaro Siza’s Church of Santa Maria

ByAlexandra Stara

chapter 13|9 pages

The Play of Plans: Le Corbusier’s Serious Game of Dominoes

ByPaul Emmons

chapter 14|10 pages

Something out of the “Ordinary”

ByGerald Adler

chapter 15|10 pages

The Relevance of Beauty in Architecture

ByAlberto Pérez-Gómez

chapter 16|8 pages

Architectural Creation Between “Culture” and “Civilization”

ByNikolaos-Ion Terzoglou

chapter 18|8 pages

The Fiction of the Digital in the Mediated City

ByJason Crow

chapter 19|6 pages

The Memory of Ruins and the Ruins of Memory

ByMark Cannata

chapter 20|9 pages

The Conceptual Bearings of the Intercultural Role of Architecture

ByNader El-Bizri

chapter 21|8 pages

Architecture as the Psyche of a Culture

ByJohn Hendrix

chapter |7 pages

Epilogue: The Necessity of Architecture

ByJohn Hendrix