The World’s Cities offers instructors and students in higher education an accessible introduction to the three major perspectives influencing city-regions worldwide: City-Regions in a World System; Nested City-Regions; and The City-Region as the Engine of Economic Activity/Growth.

The book provides students with helpful essays on each perspective, case studies to illustrate each major viewpoint, and discussion questions following each reading. The World’s Cities concludes with an original essay by the editor that helps students understand how an analysis incorporating a combination of theoretical perspectives and factors can provide a richer appreciation of the world’s city dynamics.

chapter |4 pages

Cities and Regions Evolving in an Ever-Changing World

ByA.J. Jacobs

part 1|105 pages

City-Regions in a World System: An Overview

chapter 1|10 pages

Where We Stand: A Decade of World City Research (1995)

ByJohn Friedmann

chapter 2|11 pages

Cities in a World Economy (2006)

BySaskia Sassen

chapter 3|15 pages

Hierarchical Tendencies and Regional Patterns in the World City Network … (2003)

ByBen Derudder, Peter J. Taylor, Frank Witlox, Gilda Catalano

chapter 4|12 pages

Mexico City: The Making of a Global City? (2002)

ByChristof Parnreiter

chapter 6|9 pages

Building Shanghai: Historical Lessons from China's Gateway (2008)

ByEdward Denison

chapter 8|10 pages

Global Dubai or Dubaization (2010)

ByYasser Elsheshtawy

part 2|126 pages

Nested City-Regions

chapter 9|10 pages

The Nested City (2003)

ByRichard Child Hill, Kuniko Fujita

chapter 10|18 pages

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles: America's Global Cities (1999)

ByJanet L. Abu-Lughod

chapter 12|12 pages

Planning Taipei (2006)

ByChia-Huang Wang

chapter 13|17 pages

Expanding Income Stratification in the Tokyo Region (2013)

ByA.J. Jacobs

chapter 14|12 pages

Experiencing Jakarta (2008)

ByChristopher Silver

chapter 16|15 pages

Ulsan: South Korea's Great Industrial City (2013)

ByA. J. Jacobs

part 3|111 pages

The City-Region as the Engine of Economic Activity/Growth: An Overview

chapter 17|9 pages

Regions, Globalization, Development (2003)

ByAllen J. Scott, Michael Storper

chapter 20|12 pages

Hong Kong: An Entrepreneurial City in Action (2000)

ByBob Jessop, Ngai-Ling Sum

chapter 21|11 pages

Innovation in Europe: A Tale of Networks, Knowledge and Trade in Five European Cities (2002)

ByJames Simmie, James Sennett, Peter Wood, Doug Hart

chapter 22|10 pages

From World Cities to Gateway Cities: Extending the Boundaries of Globalization Theory (2000)

ByJohn Rennie Short, Carrie Breitbach, Steven Buckman, Jamey Essex

part |14 pages

Conclusions and Lessons