This book examines the complex and multidimensional relationship between culture and social media, and its specific impact on issues of identity and social movements, in a globalized world.

Contemporary cyber culture involves communication among people who are culturally, nationally, and linguistically similar or radically different. Social media becomes a space for mediated cultural information transfer which can either facilitate a vibrant public sphere or create cultural and social cleavages. Contributors of the book come from diverse cultural backgrounds to provide a comprehensive analysis of how these social media exchanges allow members of traditionally oppressed groups find their voices, cultivate communities, and construct their cultural identities in multiple ways.

This book will be of great relevance to scholars and students working in the field of media and new media studies, intercultural communication, especially critical intercultural communication, and academics studying social identity and social movements.

chapter |6 pages


Cultural Identity and Activism in Digital Spaces

part I|93 pages

Intercultural Communication, Online Community, and Identity

chapter 1|20 pages

From Pen Pals to ePals

Mediated Intercultural Exchange in a Historical Perspective

chapter 3|18 pages

“Serving Activist Realness”

The New Drag Superstars and Activism Under Trump

chapter 4|16 pages

Brexit and EU Migration on the BBC and CNN

Britishness Versus EU Identity

chapter 5|18 pages

Who Am I? Who Are They?

Otherness in the Human Rights Discourse of the United Nations Facebook Pages

part II|84 pages

Intercultural Communication and Online Social Movements

chapter 6|18 pages

Tents, Tweets, and Television

Communicative Ecologies and the No to Military Trials for Civilians Grassroots Campaign in Revolutionary Egypt

chapter 7|16 pages

“Unfriending” Is Easy

Intercultural Miscommunication on Social Networks

chapter 9|19 pages

“Does This Lab Coat Make Me Look #DistractinglySexy?”

A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Feminist Hashtag Campaign

chapter 10|15 pages

Papuan Political Resistance on Social Media

Regionalization and Internationalization of Papuan Identity