This book explores the possibilities of alternative worldings beyond those authorized by the disciplinary norms and customs of International Relations. In response to the boundary-drawing practices of IR that privilege the historical experience and scholarly folkways of the "West," the contributors examine the limits of even critical practice within the discipline; investigate alternative archives from India, the Caribbean, the steppes of Eurasia, the Andes, China, Japan and Southeast Asia that offer different understandings of proper rule, the relationality of identities and polities, notions of freedom and imaginations of layers of sovereignty; and demonstrate distinct modes of writing and inquiry. In doing so, the book also speaks about different possibilities for IR and for inquiry without it.

chapter |24 pages


Claiming the international beyond IR
ByDavid L. Blaney, Arlene B. Tickner

part |34 pages

Reflections on critical IR

chapter |18 pages

Worlding Beyond the Self?

IR, the Subject, and the Cartesian anxiety
ByInanna Hamati-Ataya

chapter |14 pages

Claiming the International as a Critical Project

ByAslı Çalkıvik

part |59 pages

Alternative archives of the state

chapter |17 pages

Becoming Nāyaka

Sovereignty and ethics in the Tanjāvūri Āndhra Rājula Caritra
ByChris Chekuri

chapter |20 pages

Claiming the Early State for the Relational Turn

The case of Rus' (ca. 800–1100) 1
ByIver B. Neumann

chapter |20 pages

Sinic World Order Revisited

Choosing sites of self-discovery in contemporary East Asia
ByShih Chih-Yu

part |57 pages

Alternative international registers

chapter |20 pages

Indigenous Worlding

Kichwa women pluralizing sovereignty
ByManuela L. Picq

chapter |18 pages

Black Redemption, Not (White) Abolition

ByRobbie Shilliam

chapter |17 pages

An Accidental (Chinese) International Relations Theorist

ByQin Yaqing, David L. Blaney, Arlene B. Tickner

part |56 pages

Writing the international differently

chapter |15 pages

Wresting the Frame 1

ByQuỳnh Phạm, Himadeep Muppidi

chapter |20 pages

Distance and Intimacy

Forms of writing and worlding 1
ByNaeem Inayatullah

chapter |19 pages

By Way of Conclusion

Forget IR? 1
ByArlene B. Tickner