This is the companion volume to Spectres of Marx , and tackles the central theme of the fate of Marxism after the global collapse of communism.

part One|119 pages

Marxism's Future?

chapter |28 pages

The Obsolescence Of Marxism?

chapter |34 pages

Refiguring Values, Power, Knowledge

Or Foucault's Disavowal Of Marx

chapter |29 pages

The Modern World And The Individual

From The Metamorphosis Of Eastern European Marxism To Marx's Errors

part Two|130 pages

Transition to/from socialism

chapter |29 pages

Forward Back

Capitalist Restructuring, The State And The Working Class In Latin America

chapter |37 pages

The Transition To Market—Guided Economies

Lessons For Russia And Eastern Europe From The Chinese Experience

chapter |15 pages

Marxism, The Nationality Question And Soviet Leadership

A Comparative Discussion Of Western Views And Political Reality

chapter |28 pages

Lessons from the USSR

Taking marxian theory the next step