As initial teacher education moves increasingly to the school, mentoring is becoming an ever more crucial part of the training process. This book examines the policy issues surrounding mentoring, at both the national and school levels, drawing on research and case studies.

chapter |15 pages

The Policy Context

ByGeorge Mardle

chapter |18 pages

The Organizational Framework

ByDerek Glover

chapter |19 pages

Case Studies

ByDerek Glover

chapter |21 pages

The Mentor

ByLinda Devlin

chapter |13 pages

The Professional Mentor

ByMichael Johnson

chapter |17 pages


ByMervyn Taylor

chapter |20 pages

The Departmental Perspective

ByTricia Evans

chapter |12 pages

Interaction and Impact

ByDerek Glover, Gerry Gough

chapter |17 pages

The Consequences

ByGeorge Mardle